Luxury brands have always had an edge by offering the latest advanced safety tech. But it’s now common for non-luxury cars to include features such as forward-collision warning with emergency autonomous braking and adaptive cruise control with full stop and go.

One example of this occurred several years ago. Just as Mercedes-Benz was proclaiming it would be the first automaker to use a stereo-vision camera on its flagship S-Class to spot potential accidents ahead, Subaru introduced its EyeSight system with almost identical technology on the not-so-luxurious Legacy and Outback.

Don’t get me wrong: There are huge differences overall between luxury and non-luxury cars when it comes to performance, comfort, and convenience features (massaging seats, anyone?). But the technology gap is very narrow. And it’s closing even faster now that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available in vehicles ranging from Volkswagen and Volvo, further leveling the playing field.

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